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We are located in the Sobey’s Plaza on Hwy #7 in Acton.

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Great Video For All Parents and Teachers

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The office will close on Thursday, October 11th @ 8:00pm and will reopen on Monday October 15th at 9:30am. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


The office will be closed Saturday, October 6th and will reopen on Tuesday, October 9th @ 8:30am. We would like to wish all our patients a happy Thanksgiving!


UV light is a known contributing factor to such common eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Studies show that 50% of our UV exposure happens before the age of 18. Acton Eyecare urges all parents and caregivers to protect their children’s eyes from the long term effects of UV by having them wear sunglasses during outside activities. In order to help foster this awareness, we will be providing all children ages 5 and under who drop into the office with free sunglasses on August 13th – 17th. UV Groovy Days are part of Acton Eyecare’s UV Awareness program.

This excellent video by Dr. Maharaj & Schell is a must-see for all parents and teachers. It shows the importance of children’s eye examinations and how vision screening programs will not detect common vision problems that can dramatically affect a child’s learning and school performance. Please go our Links section and click on “20/20 Isn’t Everything – a child’s vision is critical to learning”.